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Use our H beams in all kinds of heavy constructions

Use our H beams in all kinds of heavy constructions

Our well designed and manufactured products are an absolute necessity for all kinds of constructions. The web and flanges of all our H beams are deliberately positioned together to ensure their solidarity and thickness. Produced using chosen types of wood, they are put together with complete precision to ensure that they can take on substantial burdens.

 The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that creates its products in an exceptionally one of a  kind process. We initially select the pinewood which is then carefully prepared, treated and manufactured with exactness, making our predominant quality H beams. The durable nature of our products makes them preferable to use which is seldom found in some other products by other manufacturers.

 Our products are not for one time use as they can be utilized over and over up to multiple times. Our experience has helped us design cutting edge products that are great and affordable in cost. Our H beams have a Clean, exact and uniform solid completion, liberated from any swelling and mutilation.

 It’s very simple to purchase and utilize. Lesser help required when utilized for construction making it a safe bet for faster development. Known for their solidarity and dependability, H beams by the PAAM Group are chosen in most commercial constructions where the beams will take on weighty burdens.

 While I beams are a lot lighter beams that are utilized lightweight constructions since they don’t need to bear any hefty burden, the H beam can take on a generous measure of burden. The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that can create your H beams as per your unique requirements.

 The I beam is known to be more sensitive than H beams and also comprises a lot thinner flanges than H beams. Just like their names, the H beam has ribs molded like an H and the I beams has ribs formed like the letter I. Our long years of experience have assisted us with becoming one of the top H beam manufacturers in India.

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