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Bituminized Expansion Joint Filler Boards Manufacturers in Hyderabad India

Bituminized Expansion Joint Filler Boards

Construction of concrete roads, runways, floor and roof slabs of buildings, involves casting of concrete in slab orm, which leads to construction joints. Provision must be made to accommodate the expansion and contraction at these joints which occurs with seasonal variations in temperature. Our Bitumen Impregnated Expansion Joint Fillers Boards display excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. Provision of these boards in the joints permits free movement of the concrete slabs. This prevents damage to the slabs besides providing waterproofing and resisting entry of foreign matter into the joints.

It is a low density high quality fibre board which is cellular in nature, securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with Bituminous Compound. Impregnation with Bituminous Compound makes it durable and water proof. Cellular nature provides compressible properties and ability to recover after compression load is released; conforming to Indian as well as international technical specifications. It bears normal structural movements without breaking or cracking. It ensures sealing of joints as no gap exists between the joint spaces. The fillers are environment friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermocol /plastic expansion joint filler.


  • Meets worldwide technical specifications
    1. IS: 1838
    2. ASTM: D.1751
    3. BS: 1142
  • Excellent resiliency
  • Unaffected by temperature extremes
  • Excellent dimensional tolerances
  • Non extruding
  • Compression to 50% thickness in the initial state:- Recovery is 80/84%
  • Weathering and compression to 50% thickness: – Recovery is 70/76%. Extrusion: No effect (0.75 mm)
  • Low moisture absorption due to bitumen impregnation. Standard Bitumen content 10-20-35%. Other possibilities upon bulk orders
  • Cuts cleanly

  • Preserves life and evenness of the slab
  • Prevents seepage of surface water through the joints and ingress of water or dirt down the joint
  • Relieves stress developed due to temperature, shrin kage, creep, relaxation, variation, vibration etc.
  • Relieves compressive stresses which develop when concrete expands in horizontal, vertical or inclined directions
  • Prevents the intrusion of foreign material into the joint which would prevent the joint from working
  • Useful in all types of concrete construction in both interior and exterior

  • Concrete expansion: sidewalk, retaining walls, patios, curbs and gutters, airport runways.
  • Concrete isolation joints: bridge approaches, highway interchanges, dams, concrete abutments
  • Header plate sealer.
  • Sill sealer.

  • Standard Thickness: 10MM, 12MM, 18MM, 25MM, 50MM
  • Standard Sizes: 4’ x 2’, 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’ Size and thickness can be customized upon bulk orders

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