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How are H beams made? What are they used for | PaamGroup

 The PAAM Group is a leading H beams manufacturer that carefully creates each product it sends to its customers to ensure strength and durability. Just like the name, an H beam looks like the letter H. It is made out of 100% seasoned pine wood that is carefully placed together to form strong flanges and webs.

The product is incredibly strong and can be used multiple times. The cross-section looks just like the letter H and an I beam is built to look like the letter I. H beams are more preferred than I beams in construction because they can take on a lot more load and will not bend or break if force is applied to it.

H beams are usually a lot heavier than I beams which means they are a lot stronger. An H beam can be manufactured in any size, weight, and height according to the requirements of the client. If you have any custom requirements that you want us to follow, all you have to do is contact us with the specifications and we’ll have it done for you.

If you require H beams, look no further than The PAAM Group. The PAAM Group is a leading H beams manufacturer that stocks H beams in an extensive range of sizes and specifications to suit the needs of your construction project. Whatever project you’re looking to incorporate these products in, we can get them delivered to you immediately.  Our years of experience in this field have given us the ability to give customers nothing but the best when it comes to building materials.

We’re proud to have a High customer satisfaction rate and we’re sure that we will meet and surpass your expectations too. H beams are used in a variety of construction applications, some of which include the construction of bridges, buildings, cranes, trailers, and much more. Our beams are designed to withstand weather, termites, water, and many more elements which make them so durable.

The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that makes its beams by rolling steel out and framing an H shape, which is the reason it is named an H beam. The H beam is utilised in more heavyweight applications when contrasted with I beams that can’t take on much load. The  I beam has more delicate flanges than H beams.

 The flanges and beams of the H beams are placed like the letter H. The contrast between H beams and I beams is the proportion between the flanges. H beams are heavier than I beams and this is the reason H beams can take on significant burdens though the  I beam is utilised in lighter applications.

 As its name, the H beam is H moulded and the  I bar is I shaped. Both these beams are made out of rolled steel. The H beam is otherwise called a wide flange beam. The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that makes beams that have a spotless, precise and uniform solid completion and are free from any protruding and bending.

 Our unbelievably strong products are an incredible addition to a wide range of construction. Utilising the H beam gives you the advantage of having lesser products in heavy construction. H beams have been prominently utilised in construction for a long time now. Regardless of whether it’s a business building or residential project, H beams assume a vital part in the development of an assortment of constructions.

 The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that gives close consideration to the nature of the products to guarantee that you don’t get anything but the best. All significant development projects include the utilisation of H beams.

 H beams make constructions an easy process as a result of their load-bearing capacity. H beams can handle the significant burdens of the cement and bonds well with it which is the reason it is so prevalent utilised. H beams are a go-to building material in construction due to their simplicity to use, daintiness, heavy burden-bearing and simplicity of utilisation.

Known for their strength and stability, H beams by the PAAM Group are preferred in most commercial constructions where the beams will take on heavy loads. While I beams are much lighter beams that are used in residential building purposes because they do not have to bear any heavy load, the H beam can take on a substantial amount of load. The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that can customise your H beams according to your unique requirements.

The  I beam is known to be built much more delicate than H beams and also consists of much smaller flanges than H beams. Just like their names, the H beam has flanges shaped like an H and the  I beams has flanges shaped just like the letter I. Our years of experience have helped us become one of the top H beams manufacturers in India. Our carefully engineered product is a must have product for construction.

The web and flanges section of all our H beams are strategically placed together to ensure their strength and density. Made from selected species of wood, they are placed with complete accuracy to ensure that they can take on heavy loads. The PAAM Group uses an H beams manufacturer that creates its beams in a very unique process. We first select the pinewood which is then chemically seasoned, treated and planed with accuracy, creating our superior quality H beams.

The superior quality  of our products allow a high number of repetitions which is rarely found in any other product manufactured by our competitors. Our products are not for one time use as they can be used again and again for up to 50 times. Our experience has allowed us to engineer state of the art products that are high in quality and reasonable in price. Our H beams have a Clean, accurate and uniform concrete finish, free from any bulging and distortion. It’s so much more predictable, hence easy to design and use. Lesser support required when used for formwork making and also ensures safe and speedy construction.

 The versatile H beams are slowly gaining more pace amongst new constructions than I beams. Both these products are created in the same way by structurally rolling steel in the shape of I and H and they have the same use.

The only difference is that H beams are much wider than I beams and the latter has tapered ends like a web that creates it’s I shape. Both these beams are highly durable and can last for an extremely long time without being affected by the weather, water or weight. There is a very vast difference in the height and width of these beams.

The flanges of H beams can vary whereas the  I beam has a height that is more than its width to maintain its structural stability. The PAAM Group is a H beams manufacturer which pays close attention to the quality of every single beam that it creates. Before choosing an H beam or an   I beam, ask yourself what you’re going to use it for.

Dependent upon your application, any of the two may be a good choice for your project. Why buy beams from an unknown store that you’re unsure about? The PAAM Group is one of the most trusted H beams manufacturers that have the highest quality, strong and sturdy beams that can be customised according to your requirements. We can create it to be any size as you like.

The reason why our H beams are a popular choice amongst customers is because of the high strength and corrosion resistant features of the beams. These beams are used in all kinds of industries and are created to be water and weatherproof. Not just that, they can give your project an absolutely stunning overall look.

If you want your project to be stable, strong and durable, trust The PAAM Group to give you the perfect H beams for your project. You must shop for H beams from a reliable H beams manufacturer that does not compromise in quality such as The PAAM Group.

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