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Use our H beams in all kinds of heavy constructions

Our well designed and manufactured products are an absolute necessity for all kinds of constructions. The web and flanges of all our H beams are deliberately positioned together to ensure their solidarity and thickness. Produced using chosen types of wood, they are put together with complete precision to ensure that they can take on substantial burdens.

 The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that creates its products in an exceptionally one of a  kind process. We initially select the pinewood which is then carefully prepared, treated and manufactured with exactness, making our predominant quality H beams. The durable nature of our products makes them preferable to use which is seldom found in some other products by other manufacturers.

 Our products are not for one time use as they can be utilized over and over up to multiple times. Our experience has helped us design cutting edge products that are great and affordable in cost. Our H beams have a Clean, exact and uniform solid completion, liberated from any swelling and mutilation.

 It’s very simple to purchase and utilize. Lesser help required when utilized for construction making it a safe bet for faster development. Known for their solidarity and dependability, H beams by the PAAM Group are chosen in most commercial constructions where the beams will take on weighty burdens.

 While I beams are a lot lighter beams that are utilized lightweight constructions since they don’t need to bear any hefty burden, the H beam can take on a generous measure of burden. The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that can create your H beams as per your unique requirements.

 The I beam is known to be more sensitive than H beams and also comprises a lot thinner flanges than H beams. Just like their names, the H beam has ribs molded like an H and the I beams has ribs formed like the letter I. Our long years of experience have assisted us with becoming one of the top H beam manufacturers in India.

H beams have been popularly used in construction for many years now. Whether its commercial building or   residential,  H beams play a key role in the development of a variety of projects. The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that pays close attention to the quality of the products to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. All major construction projects involve the use of H beams.

H beams make constructions a seamless process because of their load bearing ability. H beams can take on the heavy weights of the concrete and bonds well with it which is why it is so popularly used. H beams are a go to building material in construction because of its easy to install build, lightness, heavy load bearing and ease of application. The PAAM Group is a H beams manufacturer that creates its beams by rolling steel out and forming an H shape, which is why it is named as an H beam.

The H beam is used in more heavy duty applications as compared to I beams that cannot take on much load. The  I beam has smaller flanges than H beams. The webs and flanges of the H beams are built in the shape of an H. The most recognisable difference between H beams and I beams is the ratio between the flanges. H beams are heavier than I beams and this is why H beams can take on heavy weights whereas the I beam is used in lighter applications.

As its name, the H beam is H shaped and the I beam is I shaped. Both these beams are made out of rolled steel. The H beam is also known as a wide flange beam. The PAAM Group is an H beams manufacturer that creates beams which have a clean, accurate and uniform concrete finish and are free from any bulging and distortion. Our incredibly strong products are a great addition to all kinds of construction. Using H beams gives you the benefit of having lesser support in high load bearing projects

H beams are great to use in all kinds of high load construction projects. Why purchase beams from a store that you’re uncertain about? The PAAM Group is quite possibly the most trusted H beam manufacturer that has the greatest, solid and tough beams that can be tweaked by your prerequisites. We can make it to be any size as you like. The reason why our H radiates are a popular product among clients is a direct result of the high strength and safe features of the beams.

 These beams are utilised in a wide range of projects and are made to be water and weatherproof. Not just that, they can give your project great support. If you want your venture to be steady, solid and strong, trust The PAAM Group to give you the ideal H beams for your undertaking. You should search for H beams from a dependable H beams manufacturer that doesn’t bargain in quality, for example, The PAAM Group.

The adaptable H beams are gradually acquiring pace among new developments than I beams. Both these items are made similarly by fundamentally moulding steel looking like I and H and they have a similar use. The lone contrast is that H beams are a lot more extensive than I beams and they have heavy load bearing like a web that makes its I shape. Both these beams are exceptionally strong and can keep going for a very significant time-frame without being influenced by the climate, water or weight.

 There is a tremendous distinction in the tallness and width of these beams. The ribs of H beams can fluctuate while the  I beams have a tallness that is more than its width to keep up its underlying dependability. The PAAM Group is a H beams manufacturer which gives close consideration to the nature of each and every beam that it makes. Prior to picking a H beam or an I beam, ask yourself what you will utilise it for.

H beams are widely used in constructions of all types nowadays and you may even see that most projects are incomplete without H beams by The PAAM Group. There are many ways in which H beams can be incorporated into construction.

Their versatile application makes them popular. H beams play an important role in giving the desired look to your space. If they aren’t used for interior, H beams can also be used as supporting parts for other items used in construction. H beams by The PAAM Group are built to last.

We ensure that our products are durable and strong. H beams can take on heavy weights due to their thickness and size. Any designs that you want to create in your space can be done by utilising H Beams by The PAAM Group which will take on all the heavy weight.

Anything can be mounted, hanged or placed on these beams with the trust that it will not break. All our products are created with an eye for detail. We recommend you not to nail or screw in anything into the boards to keep up their dependability and help them stay usable for many year  to come. This will also result in lessening their overall strength which is not advisable.

We create our H beams in many sizes and thickness to ensure that it meets your construction requirements easily. Every construction project can benefit highly by incorporating H beams into their overall work. This will help you utilise much lesser parts because of the dependability and the strength of the beams.

The beams will be able to withhold high weights due to which you will not need excess parts. When less things are introduced, you can cut down on the price and time it takes to complete your project. These are just a few of the ways in which using H beams by The PAAM Group can help you and your building benefit from its versatility. The H beam assumes a significant job is handling the weight and providing support.


The H beam will take after the type of a capital letter H which is the reason it is likewise called a H-beam. These beams are exceptionally solid, since they are made of metal as well as a result of the manner in which they are developed. The vast majority of the materials of the H-pillar are situated along the axon fibres which are the zones that experience the most pressure. The shape likewise assumes a significant job on the grounds that the beam flanges oppose bending movement while the web opposes shear pressure. These permit the pillar to deal with an assortment of burdens. These beams will have distinctive metal creations relying upon their application. There will likewise be varieties in determinations including weight, width, thickness, shaft tallness and web thickness. For instance, some H-bars have thicker dividers and spines for use in heavy duty construction.

Varieties in specifications will permit a developer to utilise the perfect H beam for the structure. H beams assume a significant job in the construction industry. In the event that they are not utilised as the essential structure as in steel outlines, these pillars are utilised as essential supporting parts. They have this impact because these pillars can deal with a lot of burden from an assortment of bearings. The utilisation of H beams additionally takes into account tastefully satisfying ideas and structures. Obviously, these H beams are additionally stylishly satisfying and permit you to mount or hang decorations without giving up the trustworthiness of the beam.

 It is not expected to nail or screw objects in an H beam. Gaps can’t be drilled in an H beam without yielding or lessening its overall strength. However, H beams by The PAAM Group have been built to last for many years. Having a strong segment like an H beam can carry a great deal of advantages for a construction venture. A structure made out of more grounded materials will be made out of less part. Less part bring about less general cost because of materials and transportation. It likewise expands the rate at which a project undertaking can be done on the grounds that there are less pieces to be introduced. This can bring down work costs and different costs identified with construction.

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