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The heating cooling process makes shuttering plywood strong

The heating cooling process makes shuttering plywood strong

A film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer like The PAAM Group will always give you the products you’re looking for. Our high quality film faced shuttering plywood is made from carefully chosen wood to retain their strength. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve engineered the best shuttering plywood that you can find.

We were one of the first to introduce Film Faced Plywood in Indian market and since then we have been successful in carving a niche for our superior quality shuttering plywood. All our products are priced reasonably which is why you can shop with us without having to think twice. Used for concrete pouring in construction projects, film faced shuttering plywood is an important part of any project.

The heating cooling process by which we manufacture our plywood gives it the ability to be used for upto 50 times. The product has a beautiful mirror like smooth finish to it. Its appearance consists of a smooth High Gloss Film with high GSM. As shuttering plywood are Non Adherent to Cement, you won’t have to worry about them sticking onto cement and being stuck in one place.

Our plywood is made from Long Core Veneers of Selected Hardwood Species from 100% seasoned wood. The edge voids of all our film faced shuttering plywood are filled with plastic compound and the entire plywood is PF Synthetic Resin Bonded. The best part about our film faced shuttering plywood is that it is Termite and borer resistant and weather resistant as well. This makes our film faced shuttering plywood great to use in all kinds of weather and in all conditions.

As they are Structurally Stable, they can take on heavy loads too. Their High mechanical strength makes them a preferred product in construction across India. They are also Warp resistant and high impact resistant. The PAAM Group is a Film Faced Shuttering Plywood Manufacturer that never compromises on quality. We give our customers the ability to customise any product when they purchase it from us. Whether it’s the size or the thickness, we can make it as you would prefer it!

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