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H beams are gaining more popularity than I beams in construction

 The versatile H beams are slowly gaining more pace amongst new constructions than I beams. Both these products are created in the same way by structurally rolling steel in the shape of I and H and they have the same use.

The only difference is that H beams are much wider than I beams and the latter has tapered ends like a web that creates it’s I shape. Both these beams are highly durable and can last for an extremely long time without being affected by the weather, water or weight. There is a very vast difference in the height and width of these beams.

The flanges of H beams can vary whereas the  I beam has a height that is more than its width to maintain its structural stability. The PAAM Group is a H beams manufacturer which pays close attention to the quality of every single beam that it creates. Before choosing an H beam or an   I beam, ask yourself what you’re going to use it for.

Dependent upon your application, any of the two may be a good choice for your project. Why buy beams from an unknown store that you’re unsure about? The PAAM Group is one of the most trusted H beams manufacturers that have the highest quality, strong and sturdy beams that can be customised according to your requirements. We can create it to be any size as you like.

The reason why our H beams are a popular choice amongst customers is because of the high strength and corrosion resistant features of the beams. These beams are used in all kinds of industries and are created to be water and weatherproof. Not just that, they can give your project an absolutely stunning overall look.

If you want your project to be stable, strong and durable, trust The PAAM Group to give you the perfect H beams for your project. You must shop for H beams from a reliable H beams manufacturer that does not compromise in quality such as The PAAM Group.

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