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Film-faced shuttering plywoods have numerous features!

 Film-faced shuttering plywood’s are used in all kinds of construction to mold cement into a particular shape. It provides a flawless and smooth finish to the end product. There are many benefits of using film-faced shuttering plywood’s by the PAAM Group in your next project. Some of them are the lightweight of the product, termite and weather-resistant, resistant to corrosion, non-adherence to cement, lightweight, easy to clean and install, and much more.

 The PAAM Group is a film-faced shuttering plywood’s manufacturer that creates its products using a unique heating and cooling procedure to engage its strength and durability. The technology that it is manufactured with plays a key role in the performance of the product. As compared to ordinary plywood, film faced shuttering plywood possesses a lot more strength and sturdiness.

 Film-faced shuttering plywood’s are also so appreciated because of the way they make the molded cement look. It can provide a smooth and glossy look to the surface of the cement. The product has a great shelf life which means that you will be receiving a great return on investment.

 The numerous features of our film-faced shuttering plywood outweigh the cost that you initially paid for it. The multiple times it can be used gives the product a great value. The heating-cooling process that is created makes it very strong. The structural strength makes it bonded well.

 To get the best building material products, purchase your products at The PAAM Group. Towers, buildings, bridges, flyovers, and other construction projects require the use of film-faced shuttering plywood’s. Our plywood’s offer maximum strength and durability in construction projects and are available in various dimensions that can be further customized.

 The function of film-faced shuttering plywood’s is to mold the cement into a preferred shape and size to be used in construction. It is resistant to moisture, weather, water and termites, and borers. This means that you will receive a high-quality product that has an extended life. Film-faced shuttering plywood by The PAAM Group can be used in many different applications and construction environments.

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