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 Film-faced shuttering plywood’s are used in all kinds of construction to mold cement into a particular shape. It provides a flawless and smooth finish to the end product. There are many benefits of using film-faced shuttering plywood’s by the PAAM Group in your next project. Some of them are the lightweight of the product, termite and weather-resistant, resistant to corrosion, non-adherence to cement, lightweight, easy to clean and install, and much more.

 The PAAM Group is a film-faced shuttering plywood’s manufacturer that creates its products using a unique heating and cooling procedure to engage its strength and durability. The technology that it is manufactured with plays a key role in the performance of the product. As compared to ordinary plywood, film faced shuttering plywood possesses a lot more strength and sturdiness.

 Film-faced shuttering plywood’s are also so appreciated because of the way they make the molded cement look. It can provide a smooth and glossy look to the surface of the cement. The product has a great shelf life which means that you will be receiving a great return on investment.

 The numerous features of our film-faced shuttering plywood outweigh the cost that you initially paid for it. The multiple times it can be used gives the product a great value. The heating-cooling process that is created makes it very strong. The structural strength makes it bonded well.

 To get the best building material products, purchase your products at The PAAM Group. Towers, buildings, bridges, flyovers, and other construction projects require the use of film-faced shuttering plywood’s. Our plywood’s offer maximum strength and durability in construction projects and are available in various dimensions that can be further customized.

 The function of film-faced shuttering plywood’s is to mold the cement into a preferred shape and size to be used in construction. It is resistant to moisture, weather, water and termites, and borers. This means that you will receive a high-quality product that has an extended life. Film-faced shuttering plywood by The PAAM Group can be used in many different applications and construction environments.

A film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer like The PAAM Group will always give you the products you’re looking for. Our high quality film faced shuttering plywood is made from carefully chosen wood to retain their strength. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve engineered the best shuttering plywood that you can find.

We were one of the first to introduce Film Faced Plywood in Indian market and since then we have been successful in carving a niche for our superior quality shuttering plywood. All our products are priced reasonably which is why you can shop with us without having to think twice. Used for concrete pouring in construction projects, film faced shuttering plywood is an important part of any project.

The heating cooling process by which we manufacture our plywood gives it the ability to be used for upto 50 times. The product has a beautiful mirror like smooth finish to it. Its appearance consists of a smooth High Gloss Film with high GSM. As shuttering plywood are Non Adherent to Cement, you won’t have to worry about them sticking onto cement and being stuck in one place.

Our plywood is made from Long Core Veneers of Selected Hardwood Species from 100% seasoned wood. The edge voids of all our film faced shuttering plywood are filled with plastic compound and the entire plywood is PF Synthetic Resin Bonded. The best part about our film faced shuttering plywood is that it is Termite and borer resistant and weather resistant as well. This makes our film faced shuttering plywood great to use in all kinds of weather and in all conditions.

As they are Structurally Stable, they can take on heavy loads too. Their High mechanical strength makes them a preferred product in construction across India. They are also Warp resistant and high impact resistant. The PAAM Group is a Film Faced Shuttering Plywood Manufacturer that never compromises on quality. We give our customers the ability to customise any product when they purchase it from us. Whether it’s the size or the thickness, we can make it as you would prefer it!

The PAAM Group is a film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer who has built its reputation as the most reliable source of quality building material products in India by giving customers the highest quality at a reasonable price. Our team of exports is dedicated to observe each step of the manufacturing process carefully to ensure that the products are built flawlessly.

This has helped us build strong relationships with our customers which are the reason they keep returning to purchase products from us. Film faced shuttering plywood has a clean and shiny surface free from any kinds of abrasions. This mirror-like finish on the plywood gives it a polished look. Concrete can be poured over film faced shuttering plywood without having to worry about dents on the surface.

Film faced shuttering plywood can withstand the weather, are structurally stable and are high impact resistant. They can also withstand the weights of cement and concrete. The PAAM Group is a film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer which creates strong and stable plywood that can be reused time and time again. This makes it a completely value for money product.

We build our plywood with a unique heating cooling process which makes it strong enough to be used up to 50 times. Selected species of wood are carved into long core veneers which are used to build our film faced shuttering plywood. The plywood we offer gives you the flexibility to purchase high quality products without having to worry about the price. We price all our products reasonably for our customers so they do not have to compromise on quality.


The high impact strength of our film faced shuttering plywood make it perfect to use in all kinds of constructions. If a construction requires security, film faced shuttering plywood are a great addition. Numerous applications can be fulfilled by using our film faced shuttering plywood. The PAAM Group is a film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer that creates products which are widely used in the construction industry. We’ll deliver your preferred product, in your preferred size at your preferred place and time!

Our film faced shuttering plywood are thick and solid so they don’t stand a chance of breaking or being harmed when cement is being filled. We are unlike any other building material manufacturers that may settle on average quality to boost their benefits; The PAAM Group really stands separated. We have faith in the intensity of top notch products and this has driven us to be perhaps the most confided in names in the business today. Film faced shuttering plywood are given a smooth external covering which is glossy.

This clarifies the manner in which it is utilised. Film faced shuttering plywood can be modified in different thicknesses depending upon your construction needs at The PAAM Group. Our plywood can be reused for up to multiple times persistently with no harm and breakage. Some use film faced shuttering plywood for open air settings. Indeed, even in such conditions our film faced shuttering plywood remains the same as new and doesn’t erode or confront any issues because of the climate.

In case you’re building something, it’s difficult to overlook the utilisation of film faced shuttering plywood in your construction. The motivation behind why film faced shuttering plywood are so fundamental is a result of the numerous times you can use it. The process of using this product includes emptying concrete into mods. These mods, otherwise called film faced shuttering plywood, hold concrete in a structure till it solidifies. It forestalls any spilling and guarantees total security.

 Film faced shuttering plywood are very sturdy and to take on the substantial and thick weight of the concrete. The best part about plywood is that it doesn’t adhere to the concrete poured on top of it and is totally climate safe. The PAAM Group is a film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer that makes high strength plywood for all your construction needs. The best part about purchasing building materials from us is that we give you the choice to tweak any item that we have so it meets your requirements impeccably and you don’t need to compromise in any capacity.


Shuttering plywood’s are building materials by The PAAM Group which have grown in popularity over the last few years because of their high quality and durability. Because of the material being premium, it’s a product that is truly like no other. Strong glue holds the various veneer sheets together that form the foundation of the shuttering plywood’s which help create the final products.

The wood goes through many treatments to increase its durability and strength so that it does not break easily. We can customise the products according to the need of our clients so they can find it easy to incorporate it into their projects. Shuttering plywood by The PAAM Group has superior quality and unmatched durability which makes it popular among our clients in almost all kinds of constructions.

Typical compressed wood does not have the same strength when compared to shuttering plywood’s. Because of the various layers of veneer stuck together, they can be used for up to 50 times without any damage. All our products are priced reasonably and are truly worth your money due to their superior quality.

The PAAM Group never compromises in quality and we ensure to give our clients the very best. Typical tree species are carefully handpicked by us and then treated in our facility to make veneer sheets that are pressed together to form plywood’s. This is a rather intricate process keeping the durability of the product in mind.

Only the best quality of wood is chosen by us to create our products and we ensure to price our products in the most affordable way as possible. There is a growing interest in using this product due to the wooden sheets that it is so carefully made out of. Every single veneer is good with perfection and precaution.

You will find the most perfect qualities in all our products. It does not matter if you want to utilise it inside your home or outside; the look of our veneer will help you upscale any area quickly. Their high quality smooth finish will make them eye catching in any space that they are installed in.

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