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Film faced shuttering plywoods are an important part of the construction industry

Film faced shuttering plywoods are an important part of the construction industry

If you’re constructing something, it’s impossible to ignore the use of Film faced shuttering plywood’s in your construction. The reason why film faced shuttering plywood’s are so essential is because of the sputtering process that takes place. The shuttering process involves pouring concrete into moulds.

These moulds, also known as film faced shuttering plywoods, hold concrete in a form till it hardens. It prevents any leaking through the process and ensures complete stability. Film faced shuttering plywoods are built to be extremely strong and to take on the heavy and dense weight of the concrete.

The best part about shuttering plywood’s is that it doesn’t stick to the cement poured on top of it and is completely weather resistant. The PAAM Group is a film faced shuttering plywood manufacturer that creates high strength plywood for all your construction requirements. The best part about buying building materials from us is that we give you the option to customize any product that we have so it fits your needs perfectly and you do not have to compromise in any way.

Our film faced shuttering plywoods are dense and strong so they do not risk breaking or being damaged when concrete is being poured into them. Unlike other building material manufacturers that may compromise on quality in order to maximise their profits, The PAAM Group truly stands apart.

We believe in the power of high quality products and this belief has led us to be one of the most trusted names in the industry today. Film faced shuttering plywoods are given a smooth outer coating which is shiny. This explains its name and the way it is used. Shuttering plywoods can be customised in various thicknesses dispensing upon your construction needs at The PAAM Group.

Our plywoods can be reused for unto 50 times continuously without any damage and breakage. Some use film faced shuttering plywood for outdoor settings. Even in such conditions our film faced shuttering plywood stays just like new and doesn’t corrode or face any issues due to the weather.

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